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Mailhol Castle offers you a unique and new experience. Don't hesitate to sign up for a game of Escape Game and share unforgettable moments with your loved ones. 

Escape Game

Who is the Escape Game for?

Also called "real escape game", this activity is an innovative team game that you can play with your family, friends or colleagues (team-building).
This game is ideal for perfecting group cohesion. Find the solution by cooperating with your teammates, using your sense of observation, your memory and your logical mind.
Lovers of challenge and surpassing yourself, don't hesitate to contact us to spend emotionally charged moments.

escape game enigme aventure château de Mailhol gaillac toulza
escape game enigme aventure château de Mailhol gaillac toulza

How is the Escape Game going?

The objective of this activity is to explore the box that was once filled with clues, riddles and challenges that will allow you to find the final solution.
So don't hesitate to take on the role of real little detectives in order to lead the investigation, open safes around scenarios that are always more accomplished and original.
If you get stuck on a puzzle, call on your teammates and solve the mystery together.

We work in partnership with Jeu10ouie, led by the talented Jérémy Partinico, who thinks, sets up and installs escape games, each more ingenious than the last.

This adventure will allow you to surpass yourself and develop your team spirit by sharing moments rich in emotions.

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